Infinite Food
2016: Concept development and prototyping.
Feasibility study.
Research in Japan.
Team assembly.
Component research in Shenzhen.
Prototype development.

2016 (June): Seed round. (USD$1.5M) (Current round)
Initial entity registration (Hong Kong).
Prototype development.
Office and lab setup (Kunming and Shenzhen).
Prototype completion.
Translation to many human languages.
Establish forward-looking legal structure.
Investment prospectus.

2018 (TBC): Series A investment round. (USD$10M)
Establish primary revenue stream and initial network of service locations (100x/China).
Establish warehouse facilities and service fleet.
Prove operations around logistics, supply-chain and servicing.
Ongoing customer growth.
Further engineering enhancement.
International market entry research.

2019 (TBC): Series B investment round. (TBC)
Establish additional revenue streams.
Further domestic network growth (China).
Entry to multiple international markets.