Infinite Food
Feasibility study.
Research in Japan.
Team assembly.
Component research in Shenzhen.
Prototype development.
Initial entity registration (Hong Kong).

Office and lab setup (Hong Kong, Shenzhen).
Subsidiary entity registration (Shenzhen).
Team expansion and hiring.
Prototype development.
Patent research.
Parent entity registration.

Subsidiary entity registration (Zhuhai).
Belt and Road Innovation Conference (BARIC), Xiamen, China (May 11-13).
SIAL China/Asia Food Tech/Fresh Logistics Asia/Fresh Food Asia, Shanghai, China (May 16-18).
RES, Guangzhou, China (May 23-25).
F&A Next, Wageningen, Netherlands (May 30-31).
Profiled by Yicai Global, Shanghai, China (June 11).
ARM Innovator Asia Tour, Shenzhen, China (June 29).
RISE, Hong Kong, China (July 9-12).
Accepted in to YCombinator's Startup School advisor track (August 21).
2050 China Food Tech Summit, Shanghai, China (September 26).
Future of Retail, Hong Kong, China (October 18-21).
Cyberport Venture Capital Forum, Hong Kong, China (November 8-9).
Initial European entity registration (UK).
Accepted invitation to Beijing at YCombinator's expense to interview for their inaugural China program (October 23).
Graduated from YCombinator's Startup School advisor track (November 2018).
Subsidiary entity registration (Macau).

Prototype begins design for manufacturing (DFM) review.
Obtained 2 year lease on industrial facility.
Purchase additional manufacturing equipment.
Secure additional external investment.

Year lost due to COVID.

Rebuild team.
Overcome 'chipageddon' challenges.
Secure additional external investment.
Secure additional 3 year lease on industrial facility.
Purchase additional manufacturing equipment.
Complete consumer-facing mobile application.
Prepare for mass-manufacturing.
Establish US entity.

Prepare for mass-manufacturing.
China facility wind-down.

Series A fundraise.
Establish US team and facility.
Prepare for mass-manufacturing.

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