Infinite Food
2016: Concept development and prototyping.
Feasibility study.
Research in Japan.
Team assembly.
Component research in Shenzhen.
Prototype development.

2016 (June): Seed round. (USD$1.5M)
Initial entity registration (Hong Kong).
Office and lab setup (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai).
Subsidiary entity registration (Shenzhen, Zhuhai).
Team expansion and hiring.
Prototype development.
Business method patent filing.
Parent entity registration (BVI).
Accepted in to YCombinator's Startup School advisor track (August 21).
Initial European entity registration (UK).
Accepted invitation to Beijing at YCombinator's expense to interview for their inaugural China program (October 23).
Graduated from YCombinator's Startup School advisor track (November 2018).
Subsidiary entity registration (Macau).

Ready for manufacturing.

2019: Series A investment round. (USD$20M) (Current round)
Establish primary revenue stream and initial network of service locations (HK/Macau/Guangdong).
Establish central facility and service fleet.
Prove operations around logistics, supply-chain and servicing.
Ongoing customer growth.
Further engineering enhancement.
International market entry research.
Investment prospectus.

2020 (1Q-2Q): Series A+ investment round. (TBC)
Establish additional revenue streams.
Further domestic network growth (China).
Entry to multiple international markets.
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